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Get to know the story behind the visionary leadership that founded our company, shaping it with innovation, determination and passion since its inception, and discover the creative minds and values that drove the founders, inspiring teams and guiding our path to success.


Jean Mary de Moura

An accomplished Irish director and producer in animation, known for her involvement in three Oscar-nominated feature films and an Emmy Award-winning series.

With a background in science and Leadership and Management Studies, she’s worked with top studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, and Blue Sky Studios. Notable projects include “Mulan”, “Ice Age”, and “Space Jam: A New Legacy”. Currently, Jean oversees corporate affairs and creative departments, leading clean-up, compositing efforts and finalization at the studio.


Marcelo Fernandes de Moura

A veteran animator with over 28 years of experience, has played key roles at prestigious studios such as Disney, Blue Sky Studios, and Warner Bros. He’s overseen the production of two Academy Award-nominated feature films and the Emmy Award-winning series “Wonder Pets”.

Also co-directed the Annecy Cristal Award-winning Best Animated feature, “A Story of Love and Fury,” and produced acclaimed series like “SOS Fairy Manu,” in addition to contributing to commercials for major brands.